Runic magic does not actually consist of traditional runes. Runes are traditionally a powerless form of writing. The runes described in this article are not used to write, but to perform magic. Runic magic belongs to the family of arcane magic. Runes are a connected structure of drawn lines that contains symbols. These symbols dictate the nature of the magic performed by the rune. A rune is written on an object, plant, animal or person, and can usually only modify the object it is written on. Creating runes is difficult as one needs to maintain many aspects in mind such as resources, mana, effect, and stability.

Creating RunesEdit

Making the simplest of runes requires nothing but a form of writing and mana. Mastering rune creation, however, is a complex process that can lead to unforseen consequences. One should study runes carefully before attempting advanced designs. A single error could cause one to be injured or even death.


Runes must be written in order to work. Almost any form of writing can be used to create a rune. Different materials affect the maximum amount of cells possible in a rune without destabilizing it. There are two types of lines that can be written in a rune. There are straight lines known as strokes. The other type is either a quarter, semi, three quarter, or full circle. This is known as an arc. Strokes and arcs require different amounts of material and have different purposes.


In rune creation, choosing material is often important. Different materials can support different amounts of cells in a rune. The rarer the material is, the more cells it can support. One cannot mix different materials in a single rune.

Material Type Max Cells Source
Carving 3 Using a sharp object to carve the rune
Blood 8 Maiming an organism or yourself with the purpose of getting blood
Dye 15 Certain colorful plants can be crafted into dye
Ink 30 Squid and other ink-giving animals
Mineral 50 Ores such as lapis lazuli
Liquid Mana One's mana pool


Strokes are straight lines used in runes. They always take a set mount of the writing material. The length of the line does not matter. All strokes take up three units of writing material. Strokes are counted to determine the type of cell created. They must therefore be planned out well by the creator of the rune.


Arcs are quarter, semi, three quarter, or full circles used in runes. Similar to strokes, the radius does not affect the amount of material required. All quarter circles take up one unit of the material; all semi circles require two units; three quarter circles require three units; full circles need four units of the writing resource. Arcs do not count toward the stroke count. This makes them useful for giving structure to a rune.


Connectors are lines between the connector cells of two runes. They can transit magical signals. This allows for complex multi-runal structures. Each connector costs ten units of material.

Phantom LossEdit

When it is activated, a rune must charge each piece of writing with mana. This takes one unit of mana for each stroke, arc, and connector. When it deactivates, the mana does not return to the rune. While this may not be an issue in runes that activate only once, runes that activate constantly can be drained completely by phantom loss. 

The CellsEdit

Runes consist of multiple structures known as cells. The cells are made up of multiple strokes and arcs. Each cell must be closed and connected to the center cell. If a cell is unconnected, it is considered floating and will not be used for the rune. In order to be connected to the center, a cell cannot be attached by anything other than another valid cell.

There are multiple types of cells. The type is determined by the amount of strokes it is made up of. Arcs do not count towards this number. Any cell with more than four strokes is invalid and may ruin the rune.

Strokes Cell Type
0 Center
1 Activation
2 Power
3 Attribute
4 Connector

All runes require exactly one center cell. They also need at least one activation cell. If it requires mana, it will need a power cell. All other cell types are optional.


Each cell must contain exactly one symbol. This symbol may never touch the sides of the cell. For each type of cell, only certain symbols are allowed. Using the wrong type of symbol will make a cell invalid. Rotating symbols, however, is okay. No damage is done to the rune by rotating symbols.

Most symbols also have a negative effect. When the background of the cell is striped, the negative effect of the symbol is used. This is usually the opposite of the normal effect. The stripes should not go over the symbol and make it unreadable. If this happens, however, the cell is not invalid, it is simply harder to read. 

The Center CellEdit

The center cell is the most important cell in the rune. It's symbol determines the main action of the rune. Each main action requires a different amount of mana. All other cells must also be connected to the center cell through other cells. It is always the first step in a rune, the center of symmetry, and a full circle. 

Symbol Effect Negative Effect Mana
+ Health: Gives as much health as it can Damage: Takes as much health as it can 100 / health
Regeneration: Restores one unit of health each round Degeneration: Takes one unit of health each round 50 / health
I Spell Boost: Increases the amplitude of each spell by one Spell Block: Decreases the amplitude of each spell by one 80 / amplitude
O Protection: Gain one defense Unprotected: Lose one defense 60 / defense / round
🍀 Luck: Gain one luck Bad Luck: Lose one luck 120 / luck / round
Accuracy: Gain one accuracy Clumsiness: Lose one accuracy 70 / accuracy / round
Link: Does nothing (Can still pass on signals) Does not exist 0

The Activation CellsEdit

Activation cells control when a cell is activated and deactivated. When the condition set by the symbol is met, the rune activates and starts performing its function. When a negative effect is used, the rune deactivates once the condition is met. This can finely control when runes are on.

Symbol Condition
∞+ [and a number] When the number of incoming connections is more than the number
∞- [and a number] When the number of incoming connections is less than the number
∞= [and a number] When the number of incoming connections is equal to the number
∞≠ [and a number] When the number of incoming connections is not equal to the number
O When it is created
U When a person touches it
◎ [and a number] When another organism is in the given range

The Power CellsEdit

Power cells control how much mana the rune can hold. Each symbol increases the maximum amount of mana by a given amount. A negative effect decreases it by that amount. Runes with negative amounts of mana will not work for obvious reasons.

Symbol Amount
O 10
X 20
# 50

The Attribute CellsEdit

Attribute Cells can give a rune further upgrades. The type and specifications depend on the symbol in the cell.

Symbol Effect Negative Effect
( ) Efficiency: The rune will lose 10 less mana from phantom loss. Enough upgrades will make the phantom loss zero. Does not exist
/^\ Amplitude up: The rune's effect is doubled but the mana cost scales with it. For example: Regeneration heals two health per round but also consumes that amount. Can stack. Amplitude down: The rune's effect is halved but the mana cost scales with it. For example: Regeneration heals one half a health per round but also consumes that amount. Can stack.


Mana Protection: The rune will drain mana instead of taking damage when attacked Does not exist

The Connector CellsEdit

Connector cells can be used to send and receive signals between runes. Only one symbol of this type exists: ∞. The normal effect sends a signal when the rune is activated. The negative effect can receive one. In order for there to be a connection, one needs to draw a connector between the two connector cells. This allows for multi-runal structures.


Runes become more stable when they are symmetrical. Each line of reflection or amunt of rotational symmetry will increase its stability by one. Upon activation, Fate will roll a die of six eyes. If the number on the die is more than twice the amount stability, the rune will fail and be destroyed. Note that only the strokes and arcs need to be symmetrical. Connectors and symbols do not need to have symmetry. 

Execution of RunesEdit

Destruction of RunesEdit

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